Here is a partial list of articles, essays, reviews, stories, interviews, etc., that I have done.


Mekong Review – Monogatari: Haruki Murakami and Psychological Trauma

Beatdom – First Draft, Best Draft? How Allen Ginsberg “Wrote Howl”


Quillette – The Dualism of Duluoz


Aero – When Fiction Is Truer Than Fact: Hunter S. Thompson’s Gonzo Journalism

Quillette – Murakami On Writing

Mental Floss – 7 Haruki Murakami Novels and Short Stories Named for Songs

Evergreen Review – The Marginalization of Oscar Zeta Acosta

The Last Estate – When a Presidential Campaign Turned Gonzo

Quillette – Napoleon in Rags

Quillette – A Pleasure to Burn”: We Are Closer to Bradbury’s Dystopia Than Orwell’s or Huxley’s

Mental Floss – Stories About Hunter S. Thompson That Are Totally Untrue

Sensitive Skin – Gonzo Ecology: A Surprisingly Green Hunter S. Thompson


Lithub – Revisiting Hunter S. Thompson’s Weird, Brief Stint as a Local Sports Editor

The Millions – The Origins of Raoul Duke

PopMatters – How George Orwell Inspired Hunter S. Thompson’s Gonzo Journalism

Quillette – Cancelling the Beat Generation

Mental Floss – 9 Books Hunter S. Thompson Never Published

Allen Ginsberg Estate – Unlikely Allies – Uncovering the Friendship of Hunter S Thompson and Allen Ginsberg

Quillette – Huxley, Burroughs, and the Church of Scientology

Quillette – Fifty Years of Fear and Loathing

Beatdom – The Words That Ended My Life (short story)


Quillette – Freak Power: The Ballot or the Bomb—A Review

LitHub – When Hunter S. Thompson Ran for Sheriff

Quillette – Decadence and Depravity in Louisville, Kentucky

Buk100 – Bukowski was no Beat Hangover


US Library of Congress – Howl by Allen Ginsberg

Empty Mirror – Excerpt from World Citizen

American Book Review – It’s Only Rock ‘n’ Roll


Empty Mirror – Aldous Huxley’s Dianetic Utopia

Vide – Allen Ginsberg: World Citizen


Indieberlin – Literature was dying until the bookstores began to disappear

Litro – William S. Burroughs: Perpetual expat

The Sihanoukville Advertiser – The rise and fall of Cambodian cinema

The Sihanoukville Advertiser – Off the beaten track: exploring Cambodia’s coastline


The Sihanoukville Advertiser – Let’s talk about fishing villages

The Final Academy – Scientologist! William S. Burroughs and the ‘weird cult’

Reality Studio – Scientology in the Novels of William S. Burroughs


Three Wise Monkeys – The Korean Look Travels Well in China

Three Wise Monkeys – Ieodo and Korea’s short man syndrome

10 Magazine – Anhui Travel Guide


Three Wise Monkeys – Excerpt from The Dog Farm

Busan Haps – Racism in Korea: Bringing it on Yourself

Phat’itude – What is the Beat Generation?


The Nervous Breakdown – The Crash

The Nervous Breakdown – The Dog Farm

HST for Beginners – The Separation of Hunter and Duke

Korea Times – Delaying the Inevitable

10 Magazine – Climbing in Daegu

10 Magazine – Motorcycles in Korea

10 Magazine – Theme Parks and Zoos

10 Magazine – Cheong-do Bullfighting

Kerb – Freak Power Party

Kerb – Freedom Doesn’t Exist


The Nervous Breakdown – Meeting a Messiah

The Mutineer – Soju Guide

Daegu Pockets – Bookworms Rejoice!

Daegu Pockets – Guide to Siji

Road Junky – Kimchi in Korea: the pickled cabbage obsession

Road Junky – Dirty foreigners brought swine flu to Korea

Road Junky – Fleeced like a sucker in South Korea on the BBC

Road Junky – The Korean DMZ

Road Junky – A backpack stained with blood, sweat and tears


Jack Magazine – Big Sur