David S. Wills graduated from the University of Dundee in 2007, and quickly founded Beatdom literary journal. Since then he has travelled the world under the thin guise of working, in fact spending most of his time riding motorcycles over mountains and swimming with sharks.

After a few months trailing the Beats around the American West, David moved to South Korea, where he taught English for three years. In the middle of the Korean peninsula, David founded Daegu Books, an English language bookstore. He ran the store for a year until selling it in the summer of 2010.

After that, David moved to Taiwan, then China, where he settled in Hefei for another three years, again teaching English. Sick of that, he moved to Cambodia in 2013 to open an Irish bar, but sold up and moved in 2014, returning to China – this time to a small town called Huainan. Since then, he has lived in various parts of Southeast Asia and currently resides in rural Cambodia, where he looks after a number of cats.

David is the author of various books and a contributor to numerous publications. He writes about Haruki Murakami for the Wind-up Blog.