David S. Wills graduated from the University of Dundee in 2007, and quickly founded Beatdom magazine. Since then he has travelled the world under the thin guise of working, in fact spending most of his time riding motorcycles over mountains and swimming with sharks.

After a few months trailing the Beats around the American West, David moved to South Korea, where he taught English for three years. In the middle of the Korean peninsula, David founded Daegu Books, an English language bookstore. He ran the store for a year until selling it in the summer of 2010.

After that David moved to Taiwan, then Mainland China, where he settled in Hefei for another three years, again teaching English. Sick of that, he moved to Cambodia in 2013 to open an Irish bar, but sold up and moved in 2014, returning to China – this time to a small town called Huainan, where he currently resides.

David is neither rich nor poor; never homeless nor entirely settled. He is armed with the following skills: poetic analysis, soil management, retail replenishment, magazine and book editing, salesmanship, journalism, kindergarten teaching… and probably some other things he can’t remember. He lives to travel, loves animals, and enjoys the occasional tipple.


Favourite song: “Fuck Forever” by the Libertines

Favourite book: “The Rum Diary” by Hunter S. Thompson


21 thoughts on “About

  1. Hey. I like your writing. I love the beat movement as well; not so much for the artistry of the work, but because of the tearing down of the status quo.



  2. Good to see you’re still blogging, if not in a different form. I need to get my fix somewhere. Real lack of anything worthwhile being posted in k-land lately.

  3. Say what you want, I fail to take anybody seriously when they hide behind a moniker such as wetcasements or askkorean1. Are those the names your mom gave you? She must have hated you. Afraid that if you use your real names someone is actually going to call you out on your bullshit? The anonymity of the internet– empowering cowardly assholes since the 80’s. You may not agree with what David has to say, but he’s put himself out there and has more balls then the 2 of you put together with all the males in your bloodline.

    I’ll tell you what, you send me an email to dtz247@gmail, and I’ll meet you and you can tell me to my face what you really think and my fist will tell your face what I really think.

  4. Your new Blog clearly shows. Your Mentally Sick Minded Person. You need Help. Get your Head Checked before you get yourself into trouble. You need to get ” Head Straight”.

  5. That’s funny coming from the dude too scared to use his real name. Big tough guy hiding behind a computer. Like I said, put your money where your mouth is, email me, meet me and we’ll see how fucking tough you are, pussy.

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