Books I am the founder, editor, publisher, and a contributor to Beatdom magazine, and also the owner and operator of Beatdom Books. I have written a few books:

I have edited the following:


Jack magazine – fiction/memoir

Road junky –  travel writer

The Nervous Breakdown –  author of numerous articles

Daegu Pockets –  writer, photographer

The Mutineer –  travel reporter, photographer

  • ????  –  “Soju Guide”

Kerb magazine –  essayist

’10′ Magazine Asia – travel reporter

Two-Footed Challenge – sports writer

Korea Times – editorial

HST for Beginners – essay

Teachers for South Korea – travel writing

Phat’itude – essay

  • “what is the beat generation?”

Busan Haps – essay/opinion

Three Wise Monkeys – essay/opinion

Reality Studio – essay

The Final Academy – essay

  • Scientologist! William S. Burroughs and the ‘weird cult’

The Sihanoukville Advertiser – travel writing

  • November 2013 – “Let’s talk about fishing villages”
  • March, 2014 – “Off the beaten track: exploring Cambodia’s coastline”
  • May, 2014 – “The rise and fall of Cambodian cinema”

Litro – essay

Indieberlin – op-ed

Vide – essay

Empty Mirror – essay

U.S. Library of Congress – essay

Quillette – essay

Buk 100: My Old Man: A Birthday Greeting – essay

  • 2020 “Bukowski was no Beat Hangover”

LitHub – essay

Short Fiction

Fuck Fiction – Editor/Contributor


Alt Lit Press – internet poetry image

Electric Cereal


American Book Review

I have also been cited in Time, Harper’s, and the New York Times on Bob Dylan’s Nobel Prize, the hilariousness of K-pop, and Beat poetics, respectively.