Last month, I headed home to Scotland for Christmas. I did this in 2018, too. In fact, 2018 was my first Christmas at home for about 12 years… I enjoyed it so much that I made sure I could get back there again in 2019.

Christmas was a blast. I loved being back with my family in my home country. Although I do love Asia and I particularly love the weather in Thailand, it’s always nice to be with family at Christmas. The Scottish weather is hardly welcoming, but you can put that aside pretty easily.

Whilst home, I didn’t actually get the chance to travel about Scotland much. Winter isn’t really the time for it… However, I did get out on a few walks and got to shoot a few photos.

Here are a few that I took around Balmullo and St. Andrews:

I also took a trip to Elie, on the south coast of Fife. I got some good photos of the lighthouse there. You can see some older photos from near Elie here.

Finally, here is a humble iPhone panorama that I took during one of my last days at home. It was taken on the pier at St. Andrews harbour.

st. andrews harbour panorama