When studied literature at university many moons ago, I took a class in feminist criticism. During the first lecture, our professor stopped the lesson and took delivery of a FedEx package. “Have you ever seen that movie, Se7en?” she asked us before pulling a doll’s head out of the box. She then explained, in the loudest voice she could muster, as though it were the most normal thing in the world, “This is what men do to women in society!”

That was just the beginning of an idiotic series of classes and lectures by this rabid, man-hating feminist. Her entire world view could be simply expressed: “Men = bad; women = good.” Everything in this world, to her, is proof that women are subjugated by evil men. Yet she was fiercely optimistic about the future, and about a woman’s place in it. “Men can’t stop women touching themselves!” she screamed in the middle of a lecture, apropos of nothing. “Our lips already touch each other and you can’t stop that!”

I received my first ever ‘A’ for that class. It was the easiest ‘A’ I would ever get at university or anywhere else because I simply wrote a long essay about the evils of men, using those cherished feminist buzzwords: “patriarchy” and “phallic.” I pointed out that everything around us was phallic because male engineers and designers have constructed a whole world intended to remind women of their dicks.

This was back in 2004 or thereabouts, and at that point in time feminism had not quite gotten into the territory of insanity that it currently inhabits. It still seemed then to be primarily a movement looking for gender equality, although of course a few nutcases existed on the fringe. Most importantly, though, it was not yet mainstream. It was not obligatory for every newspaper and website to replace news articles with pithy, snarky articles by semi-literate feminists in reaction to each and every event.

Today, I read an article on the BBC about books that have not aged well. An angry woman assessed a number of literary classics, pointing out that they did not deserve our respect because they were written by men (except for one by Ayn Rand). Not only were these books written by men, but they were also often read by men. What a damning indictment! Quick, let’s start a fire and burn them all!

It is sad that the BBC is churning out inane feminist criticism in its “culture” section. There is nothing cultural about putting down works of good literature due to the genitals of its author or readers. Yet that is the world in which we now live. The woke have taken the helm and are pointing us towards the rocks.

That’s not to say that classic literature is beyond reproach. Of course, we can intelligently take apart these works and question their value… but saying that any book popular among male readers is bad is just wonderfully, typically feminist. Even better is that this idiotic writer has savaged Ernest Hemingway, Jack Kerouac, and J.D. Salinger, only to state her admiration for “cultural marker” Lena Dunham. Right…

This all reminds me of an architectural tour of Chicago I took some years ago. During an otherwise very interesting tour, I learned that feminists were unhappy about the shape of skyscrapers. These obviously phallic buildings are apparently an affront to women everywhere. According to feminism, skyscrapers are only designed that way to represent the penis, and buildings should be somehow designed in a more vaginal way. If that is so, perhaps it is time we built reverse skyscrapers going down into the ground… and while we’re at it, why don’t we make half of mine shafts tunnel into the sky! This is perfectly logical when viewed through a feminist lens.

That people can be extraordinarily fucking stupid is a given, but let’s stop putting these idiots on the forefront, handing them space in major publications to vent their spleens. You wouldn’t pay some angry sexist man to write a glib, bile-filled article about why every female author is terrible compared to his favourite male writers, would you? But apparently that’s totally acceptable now when the genders are flipped. The BBC, whose funding comes from the people of the United Kingdom (both male and female) should know better.  Alas, they have been spiralling for some time, along with other formerly great institutions, like the Guardian. Apparently it is now profitable to employ illiterate, ignorant, hate-filled feminists to write stupefying dumb blogs in a holier-than-thou tone.

In a few months, we will enter a new decade. The 2010s have been the absolute worst. We have seen the rise of the excruciatingly woke, as the left has descended into a cannibalistic orgy of idiocy. We have entered the era of “cancel culture” and it has resulted in the rise of Donald Trump, the worst president in American history. Let’s hope that this next decade brings a modicum of common sense, and we stop savaging each other on the basis of our own flawed ideologies.