I live in an area of Phuket called Rawai. It’s at the southern end of the little island that I have called home for the past six months.

During my time in Rawai, I have not gotten out to do much photography. I tend to stay at home, go to the beach, hit the gym, or go to a bar in the evening. It’s not that there is nothing worth shooting here, but there is nothing that really inspired me.

However, over this past week, I have gone out twice to shoot photos. Firstly, I walked around the pier area during the day. I had intended to get some photos of the kingfishers that hang out on the long-tail boats in the bay, but they are surprisingly hard to shoot as they come out in the evening when the light it less than ideal and they flit about rapidly, always cautious of people getting even remotely close. Instead, I settled for some shots of the scenery and people.

Following that daytime outing, I then headed to the “windmill” (really, it’s a wind turbine) near Promthep Cape. I had intended to enjoy a lazy night at home but when I saw that we had a rare starry sky and there was no moon, it seemed too good an opportunity to pass up.

I have tried my hand at night photography before with mixed success, but this outing definitely resulted in one great photo:

By the way, you might have noticed some big changes here. I have finally moved away from the god-awful WordPress.com hosting package that I was tied to for 5 years. This new site is about 1 day old and obviously has some issues that need ironed out, but ultimately it will become much better than the old one. Please be patient and check back in a week or so.