After a night in Maputo, I headed to the airport for my flight up north to Inhambane. 

The plane was one of the smallest ice ever flown on. It had propellers and from my seat I could see right into the cockpit, where the pilots seemed to be navigating via the sort of gps device you might have in your car. 

We flew up the Mozambique coastline – hundreds of miles of unbroken white sand – and landed only an hour later at the tiny airport near Inhambane. 

I got my bag and found a taxi driver who took me to my accommodation – Palm Grove Lodge at Praia do Barra. On the way I couldn’t help but notice how similar it looked to Cambodia – red dirt roads, palm trees, blue skies.

I checked into my little house. I hadn’t realized it would be a house with kitchen and living room rather than just a simple hut with a bed. But this meant I could save money by cooking for myself. 

After checking in, I walked past the hotel bar/restaurant to the beach. It was paradise – white sand and blue seas as far as the eye could see in either direction. 

I turned right – east – and walked for a while. I met a man selling cashews and bought a huge bag of them. He probably ripped me off but I like cashews and usually pay 6x this price. 

I had a beer at a nearby bar and then continued along the beach to a lighthouse. I walked too far and my feet hurt a little. I realized how far I was from anything else…

In the evening I had beer and pizza at the hotel restaurant. It wasn’t great and wasn’t cheap. I looked forward to finding a shop where I could buy my own basic cooking supplies. Even a loaf of bread. 

At night I lay under the stars on the beach and looked at the galaxy. In China you can seldom see so many stars but from here j could see everything. I grabbed my GoPro and shot a reasonable picture. You’ll have to click the image and zoom in.