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12 thoughts on “Contact

  1. Simply wanted to thank-you for ALL your efforts at keeping beat alive, and, of course, your many fine words about HST. It is very disappointing that someone hasn’t been able to pick-up the HST mantle (i.e., nationwide, global, professional wierdness, shit disturber, HIlarious, etc.) Maybe a better way of looking at his legacy is that he taught a whole society (or two) how to be those things…..that it is up to ALL of us to challenge the powers that be, while enjoying the HELL out of the ride. Keep on chooglin’!

    1. I think that HST is too difficult of an act to follow. He was so unique that following him would require copying him. But he did – as you said – leave his mark on society and literature, and that should never be forgotten.


  2. Damn, just checking you out. Another Wills in China, damn if it isn’t a white one too! I’ve loved following your life in South Korea. Welcome to China. I’ve been here for five years and now ready to head back home.

    Drop me a line sometime cousin!

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