Today marks the halfway point in my CELTA course here in Chiang Mai. It has been an exhausting two weeks of studying and I, along with the other 30 trainees, am feeling the cumulative effects of this punishing schedule.

Thankfully, I have done well in all four of my teaching practice lessons and have completed two of the four written assignments. I just heard back that I passed the first, which was a huge surprise, as it was quite difficult. With luck, I can pass the remaining assignments and by the end of next week I should have a good idea of whether I’ve passed the course or not.


Sun set over the rice paddies next to the school.

I was reluctant to spend my summer holiday studying a notoriously tiring course – essentially teaching during my precious break from teaching – but in recent years I’ve come to love my job, and I believed that the CELTA would make me a better teacher.

From what I’ve learn already I know I am now in a better position to return to my job and help educate my students. Even if I were to fail this course, I’d have learned so much that it would’ve been worthwhile. I actually look forward to returning to work after the summer and applying my new knowledge in the next semester.

In the meantime, though, I have another hectic two weeks to finish the course and then four weeks to decompress, probably by trekking through Cambodia, Malaysia, and Indonesia.


My first Thai students and some of my fellow IH trainees.