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The NBA Bends Over for China

Yesterday, the general manager of the Houston Rockets posted a tweet: “Fight for freedom. Stand with Hong Kong.” Naturally, this positive statement – a sentiment of common sense and human decency – enraged the people of China....

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Why Do We Write?

When I was a child, I decided I wanted to be a writer. I don’t remember when or why, exactly, but given that I was a prodigious reader, it is not hard to guess that it was when reading one of my many books. I graduated from...

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Six Months Free

It is the beginning of June, and for me this marks an important anniversary. It is now more than six months since I escaped from China. The time has flown by so quickly that I can hardly believe it… It seems only weeks ago that...

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Thoughts on China

In December, 2018, I quit my job and left China. I had been living and working in the Middle Kingdom on-and-off for more than eight years, and I was deeply unhappy. Of course, it hadn’t been all bad for all that time, but as the...

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