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Stars Over Huainan

A few nights ago I was riding home from the cinema, having just watched the new(ish) Japanese movie, Your Name, when I noticed that the sky was unusually clear. I hurried home to grab my new tripod, which I just bought last month during China’s 11/11 holiday sales, and rushed out to the darkest corner of my university campus. Sadly, I was too late to catch the moon before it dropped over the horizon, and I also found that even in the darkest spot, the city lights shone too brightly into the night sky… However, there were still more stars visibly than I have ever seen in China. The air pollution and light pollution around here are notoriously bad, but credit where credit’s due – the government is actively trying to remedy the situation and in 2016 the difference has been noticeable.

I ended up sticking my GoPro on the tripod to shoot the stars. This was the best shot, and even so it is still hard to make out more than the brightest ones.




I'm the editor of Beatdom magazine and author of Scientologist! William S. Burroughs and the 'Weird Cult'.

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