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I’m Back

So… back in the day I used to do a bit of blogging. This blog was once a battleground between me and a few supporters on one side, and a million and one trolls on the other. I’d rant and rave about life in Korea and people would tear me apart with their opposing views. It was fun, but it got tiring. I blogged about Korean between 2008-2011, and that was long enough.

After that I did a bit of blogging here and there, but without Korea as my subject, I grew tired. Instead, I wrote a few books, thousands of articles and essays, and generally drifted away from “the blogosphere” as we used to call it.

Now I’m back. I don’t really intend to blog in the old sense, but I will be resurrecting this blog, minus the old posts. I don’t intend to fight with any trolls here – I don’t have the energy for that nonsense these days – but I will be posting photos and maybe the occasional tale from the road.

I’m about to hit the road after another successful semester here in Huainan. This time I’m heading for Southern Africa – a continent I’ve never before had the pleasure of visiting. I can’t wait, and I’ll try to post photos here when I get the chance.



I'm the editor of Beatdom magazine and author of Scientologist! William S. Burroughs and the 'Weird Cult'.

2 thoughts on “I’m Back

  1. Fantastic news David. I’ve been a fan of yours since the days I worked in Korea and laughed at the Korean Rum Diary. I had the pleasure of corresponding with you a few years back when you encouraged me in my project. I didn’t finish it because I had an unexpected return to the country I love teaching most in – but I will one day.
    I didn’t like your Tumblr page as it was messy and hard to follow. I know you finished the bar biz in southeast Asia and you had some tough times personally. I and I am sure others who have keenly followed your writing on the net wished you well and to never give up on the good times. I hope things are much better. I’m looking forward to following this latest incarnation of your net presence. Best Wishes!

    1. Thanks a lot for the kind words. You’re right about the Tumblr… I had some ideas when I started it and it never really panned out. It just wasn’t me. I stopped writing for about two years, and now I think I’m ready to get back into it. Life is good now and I’m glad to have some experiences to share with the world. I also have gotten into photography, which brings me more joy than writing… but it’s just another way of telling a story. I don’t know how many people will read this but I’ve had some positive feedback – more than I expected. I’ll try to keep posting as often as possible, and hopefully this blog will grow into something worthwhile. Thanks so much for reading and commenting. It’s greatly appreciated.

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